Your sport day, our passion
040sportevents will organize the yearly sport day for your primary school. With all of our expertise and materials we give your school a carefree sport day. Together with 040sportevents you will decide how you want your sport day to look like. Because we have so many divers sporting material you can choose between a broad selection of sports. Not only the more mainstream sports like field hockey, soccer, tennis or baseball, but also lacrosse, archery, rugby, clubhockey, jeu de boule, frisbee, outdoor, etc. are all a possibility.

What is included in the sport day? 

  • Preparations for the sport day
  • Briefing with teachers and volunteers at school a week before the sport day
  • The schedule for the entire day
  • The clinics with media cards for the volunteers
  • Support on the day to make sure the sport day will run smoothly
  • The warming-up
  • Preparations and support with setting up and finishing up

What will the school provide?

  • Arrange the volunteers for the sport day
  • The accommodations for the sport day
  • First aid

040sportevents occasionally provides the accommodation and first aid.

Costs of the sport day:

  1. Sport day from 8.30 am until 12.30 pm, All in for the first 150 students € 475.00*
    Each student over 150                   € 1.00* surcharge per student.
  2. Sport day from 8.30 am until 2:30 pm, All in for the first 150 students € 600.00*
    Each student over 150                   € 1.50* surcharge per student.

Cost example

The school has 220 students
Option 1:
€ 475.00 + (70 X € 1.00 pk)= € 535.00*
Option 2:
€ 600.00 + (20 X € 1.50 pk)= € 630.00*

*Prices are excluding VAT (BTW)

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