Our sport weeks will move from the clubhouse of EMHC to ‘De Stip,’ the home base of COVS Eindhoven.

The last years we had a lot of fun using the clubhouse of EMHC. Because of the merging with OZ the clubhouse is no longer in use and we were obliged to find a new location. We found our new location at COVS Eindhoven.

The COVS Eindhoven club house ‘De Stip’ is well known in the Eindhoven soccer world. The club house is located in the Genneper Parken between Indoor Sportscentrum Eindhoven and the FC Eindhoven stadium at Venemanlaan 5 (side-road Theo Koomenlaan). It is easy to find and there is plenty of parking (the easiest parking is the underground P-garage of the Fontys Sporthogeschool with the entrance on the Bram Venemanlaan).

Our new home base is a beautiful accommodation with a fine grass field right in front and all the sport accommodations of the Genneper Parken in walking distance and we feel like it is a great place for our Multisport & Fun sport weeks!